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Buy Our Specialized Landscape Trailer With Extra Space

Buying a trailer is an absolute must if your work involves transporting cargo. If you’re looking for cargo and landscape trailers, and flatbed trucks, then you’ve come to the right place! We have a huge range of utility trailers for sale for people all across Texas at Goodnight Trailers & Trucks. A good-quality trailer will serve you well if you are a landscaper, as it lets you easily move turf around without any hassle.

We have vehicles for both personal and utility use, so there really is something to suit everyone. For a FREE quote, call us today!

Year: 2023


Model: Dream Hauler

Price: $11586

Vin: (E033588)

Description: 24FT Dream Hauler W/ Winch and Split Tail, GVW12, Black

Year: 2023


Model: Equipment

Price: $6686

Vin: (N225953)

Description: 20FT Stand Up Ramps Car Hauler 14GVW, Black

Trailers in Amarillo Tx for sale

Year: 2023

Make: HT 

Model: Equipment Hauler

Price: $6386

Vin: (H000958)

Description: 20FT Equipment Hauler Rear Ramps 14GVW, Black

Trailer for sale in Amarillo

Year: 2022

Make: HT

Model: Car Hauler

Price: $5986

Vin: (P772737)

Description: 20FT Car Hauler w/ 2FT Dove Rear Slide In Ramps 10GVW, Black

Trailers for sale amarillo

Year: 2023


Model: Tilt Deck Trailer

Price: $8286

Vin: (230025)

Description: 20FT Tilt Trailer 14GVW, Black

Year: 2023


Model: Deck Over

Price: $8186

Vin: (227451)

Description: 20FT Deck Over Bumper Pull w/5FT Dove & Ramps 14GVW, Black